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Leadership Coaching

Do you long for new ways of dealing with complex leadership challenges Are you looking to reach the next level in your work?

Visive helps you define and live into the future you aspire.

You will learn to break old habits and act in new ways, aligned with your vision.


Our cutting-edge whole-person approach will lead the way. 

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Team Development

Does your team need to work more effectively? Is your team ready to rise to their next stage of development?

Taking a candid look at how the team and its leader collaborate and communicate will provide a powerful return on the investment of time and resources.

What are the impediments to greater success? The solutions for your team are always custom made.  

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Lead the life you aspire to.

Do you notice a gap between how successful you are on the outside and how you feel on the inside?

This is a very common experience that impacts our lives in a deep way. 

This group program for female identified leaders is the place where you can deepen your embodied awareness, understand the believes that are holding you back and find a way to live into the future you aspire. 


Do you want to leverage your whole-person potential as a coach? Being fully present with your client is an essential, embodied skill that can be learned. 

By embracing embodied learning you are more capable of building trust. And you are able to see your clients even better!


Develop greater somatic awareness, and open up new possibilities in your client work. 

Somatics for Coaches

Leadership Coaching


   ✓ Do you invest in 'inner work'?

   ✓ Are you aware of how you act under pressure?

   ✓ How explicit is your personal leadership vision?

   ✓ Do you wish to deal with conflicts in a productive way?


Visive focuses on your personal needs and the goals you seek to attain. 


Change starts with self-awareness. In a calm and confidential setting, you are invited to pause, reflect on yourself, and truly see yourself. Supported by honest observations from your coach, you build awareness to create a path that is right for you. Throughout this process, your coach is your neutral ally and advocate. 


We know you are more than your thoughts. That’s why we take a whole-person approach: your language, body, emotions and mind are all part of our coaching conversations. Together we design practices to help you act in ways that are aligned with your vision for the future - to bring about the change you desire!  

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Team Development


   ✓ Do you need to see what your team needs to reach its full potential?

   ✓ Do you want to gain insight into your team's habitual patterns?

   ✓ Do you want to get clarity on a shared vision, goals, and values?

It takes effort, determination, and focus to become a highly effective team. 

When you know what aspects of your team need improvement, Visive helps you create the path towards your goals. Not yet sure what your team needs  in order to work more effectively? In that case, we will observe, give candid feedback and figure out why things do not run as smoothly as you desire. 


From there onwards, we work with you on improving what is needed. Observing your team at work in real time is a powerful intervention to gain clarity. Your team is invited to try out new ways of communicating, collaborating or leading. This affirms that the team and its leaders have ownership of their learning. We also offer workshops (facilitating and design) and training where needed. 

If it turns out that you need to step away from the daily hustle with your team, perhaps find new inspiration and direction, we can custom design a retreat to meet your specific needs. Additional individual coaching is available to successfully integrate the learning.

Lead the life you aspire to.
Open up to greater ease, joy & fulfillment.

   ✓ Do you want to feel worthy to be seen, by yourself and others?

   ✓ Does all your hard work get you farther removed from feeling enough?

   ✓ Do you prioritize serving other's perceived needs over self-care?


We can tell ourselves that we are enough all day long and yet continue to experience self-doubt. We can analyze how our upbringing has prioritized serving others and neglecting our own needs. The truth is that cognitive understanding is not enough to think our way out of this habit.

What we need is a deeper, embodied understanding of our 'shaping' history. As we all are sub-consciously orienting towards safety, dignity and belonging. Without knowing we sacrifice a part of ourselves, our own needs to feel safe. There is a cost and this is a wise strategy at the same time that can bring us to great success in our lives. 

Are you at a point where you are no longing willing to sacrifice your happiness, your flow, your inner peace? Are there some habitual patterns you'd like to understand as they show up in the stories about yourself and the embodied patterns of moving towards, against or away from what matters to you? 

Please schedule time with me on a Visioning call to explore my how my cohort program can help you on your journey! 

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Somatics for Coaches

   ✓ Do you want to develop deep listening skills, to really see your client?

   ✓ Do you want to work on a deeper understanding of your triggers?

   ✓ Do you want to cultivate your presence as a coach?


Presence is one of the deciding qualities for coaches  which arises when body & mind are connected. It allows for deeper listening, resourcefulness and your coachee to confide in you. The good news is: presence can be learnt! When you embrace embodied learning yourself, you are even more capable of building trust. After all, your clients will sense that you have done your own inner work. 


This work you do and the resulting embodied self -awareness helps you to observe and ‘see’ your client even better. Moreover it gives you new ways of dealing with pressure, in those situations where you need to stay present with your client.


Our Somatics for Coaches is one on one coaching, To accelerate your learning and release holding patterns in the body, Visive offers optional Strozzi Bodywork. This bodywork is energetic work that happens fully clothed on a table.

“Presence requires us to stay with even what is uncomfortable, so that it becomes tolerable and so that we can organize ourselves towards what matters, rather than away from discomfort.”

— Doug Silsbee (founder of Presence -Based Coaching)

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