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Valerie D’Costa,

Circle Coaching and Consulting

“Marietta is a “whole person” coach who coaches with her heart, mind, spirit and body. She is always in tune with these factors in her clients, too. Marietta not only brings  to the table inherent personal wisdom in all these different aspects, she invites her clients to explore them, too. Marietta’s wonderful, warm and engaging energy makes clients feel safe, seen and heard.”

Barbara Beizer,

B2Works Leadership & Transition Coaching

“I loved the embodied work Marietta did with us in the workshop for coaches. The way she infused that work with her warm and open personality made it really special. Her gentle yet clear facilitation helped us gain important insights into long-standing issues in our lives. What a gift!”


Department of Education

“Marietta is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener and highly pragmatic. Her uplifting and positive personality makes her easy to open up to. She has inspired and motivated me to live a life consistent with my values and passions. I recommend her to anyone looking for a dynamic, sincere, and deeply passionate leadership coach.”

Beth Greenland,

Coach Approach Partners

"Marietta is a skilled and intuitive leadership coach. She has the remarkable ability to connect with and bring out the best in her clients. She is both supportive and direct - a rare and effective combination."

Sarah Frankland,

Manager in the Arts

"Thanks to my one-on-one leadership coaching with Marietta, I am now much more aware of the connection between my mind and my body. I am already getting better at centering myself in meetings and challenging situations."

Senior Specialist,

World Bank 

"I experienced huge shifts as a result of the coaching sessions. Marietta’s calm style enabled me to be more open about my work situation. I have learned that it is okay to be kind to myself - respect my own dignity. This has changed the way I see and approach everything. I have become more assertive by asking clarification questions, which benefits myself and others."

Heleen Bakker,

Deputy Chief of Mission

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Washington DC has worked with Marietta on several occasions and has been very satisfied with her approach, communication and results. In various team coaching efforts, Marietta has managed to engage team members in a positive spirit, advancing both individual commitments and team cohesion. Marietta is a good listener and observer and makes pointed and decisive interventions. She is very pleasant to work with and delivers as promised. I can highly recommend Marietta as a team coach - she effectively guides team members to better communicate and cooperate, in a positive and refreshing manner." 

Cindy Thomas,

Director of Leadership Training

"Developing my commitment was a huge first step right from the first session. This has been life changing for me. My perspective has changed for the better, and I now see opportunities where I once saw challenges. 
I liked the relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere and the mix of strategizing/thinking and physical awareness exercises.
What worked well for me is that Marietta rarely gave me a ‘right answer’. Instead, she encouraged me to dig deeper into myself to find my own answers. Marietta held me accountable for my actions and words. I now take ownership of the happiness I want to feel in work and life."

Marcel van Doorn,

Operations and Facility Manager

"Marietta provided leadership coaching when I was faced with challenging personal and organizational changes. She was instrumental in creating perspective and helping identify the drivers for personal change. Marietta’s insight, well-positioned questions and holistic approach to mind and body helped me regain focus. It also helped me create the energy needed to engage challenges. I will continue to work with her on personal development and would recommend her wholeheartedly as a coach to any person or team faced with change."

Monica Emmerson

"I loved Marietta’s approach of using your mind and body to promote change to life’s patterns that no longer suit you. And that prevent you from reaching your goals or living the life that you want to live. Marietta’s uniqueness to coaching, with her calm, gentle nudges, and intuitiveness, is profound. I continue to work with Marietta and highly recommend her as a coach."

Han Nichting,

Interim manager HR and Change, Moterra International BV

"Marietta facilitated a meeting at the World Bank for us HR professionals visiting. It was truly a pleasure to be supported by her in a dialogue between high-level professionals. Marietta facilitates in a creative, surprising, calm and keen way. It is not often that one encounters this combination of personality and professionalism."

Kilian Bennebroek Gravenhorst, Organizational Consultant, University of Amsterdam, Plus Pulse

"Marietta’s contribution to our team and the program - in a long-term leadership development program in a public organization 2000+  accounted for a large part of the success of this three-year assignment. She understands what is needed to realize change that is consistent with an organization’s ambitions. She is also great at supporting individual leaders in connecting with each other and to the purpose of the program. In addition, we enjoyed her dedication, wit, precision, flexibility and assertiveness."

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