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Live the Life

you Aspire to.

Open up to greater Ease, Joy and Fulfillment.

Pause and reconnect to what matters to you.

1:1 Embodied coaching for Leaders and Coaches

Cohort programs for Women Leaders.

The work we'll do is transformational.

visive - adjective

vi·​sive | \ˈvīsiv\ definition: capable of seeing or being seen


Marietta Vis

Leadership Coach   |  Team Development Facilitator   |   Embodied Change Expert

I am a leadership coach, embodied change expert and team development facilitator. It has been my passion for more than 25 years to help individuals, leaders, teams and organizations who want to reconnect to their purpose and to what really matters to them. The most effective way to find that real, lasting change is to work with the whole person - integrating mind and body so that we can fully thrive at work.


Living the life you aspire to

starts with

Locating your Longing. 


We all have developed our unique ways of NOT FEELING . This kept us safe when we needed it at a young age.

We overuse this mechanism while we are now capable to feel and deal with things. 

The cost of not feeling is that you are not in touch with what matters to you. And your important life-decisions may not be fully aligned with what you care about. 

I would like to offer you an alternative: to explore your habits in 'not feeling' and getting in touch with the felt sense of your longing.

This is for you if some of this resonates with you:

  • feel less than fulfilled in your current role.

  • you have no idea what your calling is.

  • your caregiving duties are subsiding, what is next?

  • your role is not lining up with your soul.

  • you are fully attuned  to the needs of others and feel overwhelmed by it. 

  • your inner longing and calling don't align with your work in the world.

Do you want to align your role in the outside world to your internal longing?

Whether you are interested in working with me as a coach or join me in my cohort program Live the Life you Aspire to, for women leaders. Or you are just curious about working through the body and how that might be helpful for you!

Please let me know you would like to learn more!



Truly 'seeing yourself' and 'being seen' are basic human needs, and necessary for growth and development. As a coach I see my clients' full potential. I work with leaders who want to be the best version of themselves in this fast-paced world, stay true to what they care about, and lead with purpose and presence.

Our Services
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Leadership Coaching

Do you long for new ways of dealing with complex leadership challenges? Are you looking to reach the next level in your work?

Visive helps you define and live into the future you aspire.

You will learn to break old habits and act in new ways, aligned with your vision.


Our cutting-edge whole-person approach will lead the way. 

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Cohort Program
Live the Life you aspire to!

Do you notice a gap between how successful you are on the outside and how you feel on the inside?

This is a very common experience that impacts our lives in a deep way. 

This group program for female identified leaders is the place where you can deepen your embodied awareness, understand the believes that are holding you back and find a way to live into the future you aspire. 


Somatics for Coaches

Do you want to leverage your whole-person potential as a coach? Being fully present with your client is an essential, embodied skill that can be learned. 

By embracing embodied learning you are more capable of building trust. And you are able to see your clients even better!

Develop greater somatic awareness and open up new possibilities in your client work. 


Cohort Program

For women who are successful on the outside yet struggle on the inside.


COHORT 5 is now open for sign-ups!

Sessions once every 2 weeks. 

April 19 -  June 2025

An embodied exploration to

find and align your purpose, 

understand what is holding you back,

and practice new ways of Authentic Being.

Live the life you Aspire to.

I long to know what I want, what I enjoy. I long to speak my truth and be heard. I long for connection. I long for peace and calm.

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"Her gentle yet clear facilitation helped us gain important insights into long-standing issues in our lives. What a gift!”

— Barbara Beizer, B2Works Leadership & Transition Coaching


“The way we lead others is shaped by the way we lead ourselves.”

— Dr Jennifer Garvey Berger CEO Cultivating Leadership


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